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Ted S. Bernstein, Ted Bernstein Boca Raton Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court

Case Number    9:2004bk31787

Case Number    0:2005bk23953

Case Number   9:2006ap02036

Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court

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Pennsylvania Eastern District Court

20.    Stephen D. Schutte and Ted Bernstein Boca Raton, soliciting agents for the Carnago Life Insurance Policy.  (number 20, page 35 )

30.  Ted Bernstein may be liable ..

Source and Full Document of Above Information. Read all about Ted Bernstein Boca Raton, ya know the guy who says his only problem in life is Crystal Cox blogging about what he is actually doing, and that nothing ever came up as a black mark on the professional life of Ted Bernstein before Crystal Cox, yet there is so much out there for someone to research if they only did so.

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Lot's Coming Soon

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TED BERNSTEIN  2:2010cv00625

Arthur R Redgrave Attorney Boca Raton, Elayne Russell, Lawrence Frieder and yet another case in West Palm County Florida of attorneys using our courts to flat out steal money.

Redgrave & Rosenthal Boca Raton Attorney Arthur Redgrave

Judge Jessica Ticktin

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Theft and Perjury? Is there no oversight in Florida? There are massive amounts of attorneys, guardians, judges, nurses, and more involved in bilking the elderly in Florida and in dividing families and flat out stealing inheritances.

William E. Stansbury, Bill Stansbury v. Ted Bernstein and the Estate of Simon Bernstein, Alan Rose Attorney for Both. Florida Insurance Legal Action. Read Complaint Below and Stay Tuned for Lot's More.

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YOU are ALL Healers. Know it and Just Do it.

Years ago I heard Dolores Cannon, a ‎Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, talking in a Video about her therapy and about while being in a “session” with a client, she saw Cancer and while she was “in there” she may as well clean it up. In other words, while having the client in a state where their day to day mind chatter, beliefs and programs are not controlling their physical body, ailments, pain, discomfort and disease, while in that state she, somehow, took them to a place where they did not have Cancer. I thought this to be wonderful and if that type of “healing” existed, then there is nothing else that one should bother “practicing”.

I thought that if Cancer can be healed by this Quantum process, by leading the patient to somehow heal themselves, then that was the only type of healing I am interested in, how, in the world did she do that?

Years later, after hearing of the Mandela Effect and realizing I, indeed, had shifted Realities, I read some information from Cynthia Sue Larson and heard some of her interviews. She talked about healing her daughter of a broken leg, and healing others in a way whereby say a leg was broke and she moved them, their consciousness, to a physical “reality” where they did not have a broken leg. She talked of being able to move people to a reality where, say, they did not have said ailment or disease, broken bone or physical trauma.

Once I heard people were actually doing that, in physical reality and not simply a what if, or a philosophy or healing technique of the ancient past or distant future, I wanted to know how to do this on myself and others with such a profound. “Real world” affect.

Where to start came to mind.  What words to use to search that kind of quantum healing, as there was so much information out there using these same words, yet the healing left me wondering the How To of it all. So much information put out there to draw people to buy a book, take a class, follow a guru, get certified, and to learn certain trademarked protocols in order to learn this mysterious secret technique to perform miracles on myself and other.

The kind of healing that moves bones in such a way you can see them moving. A type of healing whereby your body heals itself. A healing that neutralizes cancer and any dis-ease and can actually mend bones, and heal in ways that most call a miracle and believe that they cannot give or receive this miracle themselves. They believe that only God can do this kind of perceived miracle healing and that God is outside of themselves.   Or they believe they need to save up and take a course or pay another to heal them and they seem to give up with those seemingly impossible bridges to cross. 

The books and videos I previously mentioned did not go into the how to detail and I did not have the money to pay a practitioner to teach me. I could not find the exact methods of how to actually do what I now know I can, and we all can do. I also had many emotional blocks to address to even consider being worthy of being healed.

I had learned of the power of thought long ago and the miracles that come from consciously choosing what you focus your thoughts on. I have studied the law of attraction in ancient text, and know that what I think I create. However, I, decades of study and getting better and better at remember to apply that knowledge to every part of my life and health, and still I had no idea that I could, in an instant, actually change physical reality in such a dramatic way.

I studied Energy Healing from many books and gatherings. Information such as that of Yogi Ramacharaka, Barbara Eden, Barbara Brennan, Raymon Grace, Dolores Krieger, Dolores Cannon, John of God, Faith Healing, Shamanic Healing, Reiki and so many other forms of healing, however I did not have profound effects until I spend decades clearing old energy, patterns, programs, and massive time alone with self. And after years with a Shamanic Quantum Healer to remove my own resistance to healing myself and others in the profound, even say dramatic or miraculous way in wish I always wanted to be able to do.

Now I deeply understand hands on healing, faith healing, energy healing, quantum healing in a whole new, directly connected to source, to my God self, to my own innate way. A way I can and do now.  I put this energy, this type of innate healing into action every single day, most of the entire day. I am getting stronger and more powerful daily and thereby more effective to performing those types of perceived healing miracles.

I have never followed western medicine,taken prescriptions or and listened to medical degreed doctors who have no true desire to cure but only treat symptoms and get people hooked on prescription drugs. Mainstream doctors are so cold and do not seem to believe that emotions or thought have anything to do with healing. They do not believe in or practice energy healing or seem to work in any way that is natural to the body in any way. They do not use Plant Medicine and ridicule their patients who do believe in ways that are natural to humans and are our natural birthright innate healing abilities.

It all seemed to boil down to needing others to heal. A need for doctors, chiropractors, specialists, drug companies and all that “commercial” enterprise of YOU feeling good that is so disconnected from your true source to actually heal yourself FREE from all others should you choose to do so and are awakened to that innate part of you that knows what to do to heal you.

Still, I did not understand how the Faith Healers, the Quantum Healers, the Witches, the Healers actually healed with something beyond subtle energy healing, beyond everyday thought, beyond herbal tea, elixirs and running energy as I have known it to be. I have seen people cured with plants of serious disease. I have seen black salve remove tumors and seen high alkaline diets cure cancer. I have seen miracles with plants, herbs, and energy work. Dendritic Cell Therapy, Alkaline Therapy, Oxygen therapy, Frequency Cures:  I have studied all of these and lot’s more in depth for over 30 years. And I have seen and met people cured of cancer and other disease in which “doctors” claim is not curable.

However, to heal, to cure, to set bones with ENERGY, how is this done and how to do it became the quest. How can I do it and Free the mystery around it all and once Free, shout it from the proverbial rooftops per say and awaken the innate in all who, like me, simply, did not “get it” in a way to actually “do it”.
The kind of healing whereby a bone is broke out of the skin and quantum healing puts it back as if it never happened, the kind of healing that convinces the body it simply does not have cancer and cancer is gone in an instant, the kind of healing that makes the body walk when walking was never possible, and the kind of healing that has been past deemed as sorcery, magic or a miracle. How does one do that? Who can do that?
Is this the “magic” of the past? Is this what the witches did? How about the Faith Healers who so many deemed a fraud? Is this the healing that druids, wizards, and perhaps Jesus did?

Yes it is, and we can ALL do it. And now in the New Energy of New Earth we can do it with less resistance in mass. The new energy brings with it new and stronger healing energy, and our innate, our own bodies already know what to do with this energy, we simply have to let it.

Where did the magic go? Where did this healing go and why do so few do this kind of healing? It seems to use no plants, no doctors, no drugs, and is simply a “state of mind” that somehow heals the body. So How Does One Do This?
I have had energy work from many people over decades. I have had some healing, some flow. However once I met the healer I have now, I really began to see shifts in my physical body and what I knew as my reality. And once I took personal responsibility for what was blocking me to heal and used things such as EMDR and EFT to remove blocks constantly, then I opened more to my healing sessions and awakened my own innate in a way I did not think possible or truly understand in the what I deem as my “past” so far in this lifetime.

Some call it Auto Healing, as once the “Energy” is on, and you don’t resist it, your INNATE, your natural body processes takes over and does the healing in your energy field, your body internally and your physical body. All felt, seen, visible to you once you know what you are feeling, seeing and allow it to happen.

The “church”, the politicians, the powers that be, they all made us afraid of our innate ability to heal ourselves as if we heal ourselves they cannot control us, charge us and keep us in fear and debt. They instilled, programmed fear in Faith Healing, Witches, Shamans, Druids and all manner of mystical and alternative healers.

They licensed and controlled healing, medicine, and they made plant cures illegal, and made our innate quantum curing abilities the laughing stock and illegal with severe punishment. They called healers crazy, and when the body moved in “odd” ways to heal itself, they called it possessions, demonic, dark and evil and they FORBID this healing work.

All whom use this same innate healing ability. All religions, all healers, throughout time as we know time to be, they all used this same natural innate healing process / energy and it was stopped, made illegal, suppressed, and the people teaching it and using it to seemingly, magically heal others, well they were jailed, killed, fined, and burned at the stake. We all have this natural healing power / skill, and all the tools and permissions we need to do this seemingly magical miracle healing that is really our natural body process, our God self, our own innate.

I have seen videos, tv show with radical Faith healing, whereby hands were placed on people in front of a large group of people, usually a church, and it was so fantastical, so unbelievable as the body would seem to animate itself. People would flail around, people were crying and calling out in praise. I saw it as staged, faked so that the audience to give money.

In this type of healing, if the body needs to, it will move in such a way as to look as if you are flailing, and that your bones and muscles simply don’t exist, when in truth they are letting go of all resistance and the innate, your natural body process is moving in a way to miraculously, yet naturally heal yourself. The hands on healer simply awakens your innate, kind of a reminder and an gives their energy to the process as well. All to use the natural human abilities to heal.

No need to know what organ, bone, muscle, cell needs healed, as the body knows and simply does what needs done. This seems to have been kept secret, yet so many books talk of this energy and this healing power, however it is somehow coded, knotted, congested or has been in the past and no it is clearly seen, it is right there in front of you. It is in your own hands, your body RIGHT NOW, this very instant.

This Can be Done all the Time, and by anyone and costs NOTHING. 

No more to the barbaric, forced healing of doctors, and other therapies that litterally force a healing, that really only alleviates the symptoms, and actually blocks the cure. YOU are the Cure to your own disease, pain, back out, bones out, and any pain whatsoever in your body.

This free, effective, seemingly magical miraculous healing ability we all have is our natural ability and needs no training, no certification, no ordainment, no license, no permission from mankind and their governing bodies in any way.

If they taught you that you could Self Heal and that your Innate, your own higher self and inner guidance could actually take control of your body and heal you, well then you would not need them, so they made if Magic and evil and they made it forbidden, and they taught medicine and forced it in a way that needs schools of indoctrination and big drug companies and NOTHING to do with your bodies natural abilities to heal itself.


Witches were Quantum Healers, it looked magical but really they were facilitating the body of the client, person needing healed to heal themself, another words they got the healing process started or initiated the healing, and the innate, natural abilities of the body took over from there. Onlookers may have perceived the bodies movement or actions as demonic, as the body really does take over. This is natural. This is the bodies natural process such as the heart pumping blood, or the lungs use of Oxygen, or any other body process you already accept as natural and innate and have not been taught or forced to fear.

My mission is for the secrets, the mystery and all the lack and fear and unbalanced commercialism that keeps this healing locked away out of reach of all to BE GONE forever. I want you all to heal each other every single day for FREE and use your innate, God Self to do this healing. I want you to empower yourself and to not need a doctor, a specialist, a drug or anything outside of yourself to miraculously heal.

It is our natural bodies ability to “magically” “miraculously” heal. It is as natural as an embryo becoming a human, a seed into a tree, and as natural as your organs knowing how to grow and what to do in your body, as naturally as your arm knowing where to grow, and as natural as all your body processes such as breathing and blood flow. Your innate healing ability to HEAL ANY, absolutely any disease, pain, misalignment, discomfort, broken bone or ailment of ANY kind.

We have a private Group to Explore, Study, Teach, and Learn about Quantum Innate Healing such as this and more. If interested private message one of us and we will add you.  You ALL are born able to perform this ancient healing practice on yourself and others.

Quantum Healing Group
~ Reverend Crystal Cox

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Pastor Sylvia White / Sylvia Prickitt Tree of Hope Ministry, Evangelical United Methodist Church, First Christian Church Billings

TREE OF HOPE MINISTRIES (A250519) which is Active, Registration Date; 04/04/2016
Has the address of the address of First Christian Church Billings Montana. I have spoken to
Pastor Jeromy Emerling, he is aware of the matter.

Sylvia White/Prickitt stole, as she hacks into people’s email illegally.
She stole this intellectual property from BBG who actually is the rightful owner, the stolen property
has the address of First Christian Church Billings Montana and the phone number of that church.
I have emailed Pastor Jeromy Emerling regarding this matter as well.  However,
the STOLEN domain name is registered to the First Christian Church Billings address
and their phone is the contact information, as well as Tree of Hope Ministry belonging
to Pastor Sylvia White / Sylvia Prickitt and the name is registered to Nicholas Kirsch.

Pastor Sylvia White / Sylvia Prickitt is also associated with Evangelical United Methodist Church
345 Broadwater Avenue Billings, Montana.

Pastor Sylvia White / Sylvia Prickitt claims to be a street minister in Billings living in
an RV provided by the “community” or the “churches”, I believe that to be a Lie as Well.

If you have information about Sylvia Prickitt or she has scammed you, harmed you in any way, please email me at and also file a report with the local police.

Friday, December 22, 2017 is owned by Nicholas Kirsch in Billings

Pastor Sylvia White Billings Montana

Got a Tip about Sylvia Prickitt or Nicholas Kirsch? 
eMail me at Reverend Crystal Cox

Nick Kirsch of Work of Hope; Sylvia Prickett White owns the domain name and her Tree of Hope Ministries is Registered to the same address.

Ex-Addict, Street Preacher, SEO Marketing Expert, Friend of Sylvia White of Work of Hope. What is the True Motive of Nick Kirsch of Work of Hope? Most likely money, plenty of it paid by the Dark Evil Deeds of Pastor Sylvia White.

Sylvia Prickett White registered, and is working with or also using the name of Nicholas Kirsch in Billings Montana.

 A Work of Hope. Tree of Hope Ministries Pastor Sylvia White
TREE OF HOPE MINISTRIES (A250519) which is Active, Registration Date; 04/04/2016
Expiration Date; 04/04/2021.   Business Description; MINISTRY
Applicant Business Mailing Address
522 N 29TH STREET, BILLINGS, Montana, 59101, United States

Sylvia White, Tree of Hope Ministries
522 N 29TH STREET, BILLINGS, Montana, 59101 is Registered to:
Admin Name: Sylvia Prickitt
Admin Organization: A Work of Hope
Admin Street: 522 N 29th Street

The First Christian Church is listed as located at 522 N 29TH STREET, BILLINGS, Montana

Registrant Name: Sylvia Prickitt
Registrant Organization: A Work of Hope
Registrant Street: 522 N 29th Street
Registrant City: Billings
Registrant State/Province: Montana
Registrant Postal Code: 59101
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.4062593368
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Sylvia Prickitt
Admin Organization: A Work of Hope
Admin Street: 522 N 29th Street

Admin City: Billings

Sylvia Prickitt Communications / Lies

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Jason M. Feldman seems to be a part of Marc J. Randazza's Gang Stalking Attorney Group. Attorneys who Abuse the Court Process and enable each other to Drive Woman to Suicide, Threaten and Harass women and not just a "regular" gang of thugs but actual attorneys who network with the courts to DESTROY the lives of woman who don't do what they want. And Marc J. Randazza First Amendment Attorney comes to their Rescue.

Marc J. Randazza and Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group, along with Jennifer Brochey Randazza enable attorneys such as the one below, and protect them in court to harass these women to an extreme. Marc Randazza also supports and defends Pedophiles.

Matt Zirzow and Zacharia Larson, Shara Larson, of Zirzow and Larson DEFEND Marc J. Randazza's actions and protect him. Matt Zirzow is Marc Randazza's Bankruptcy attorney and is enabling Marc Randazza to cover up years of speech chilling, anti-first amendment harassment.  Attorneys Protecting Attorneys to RUIN the Lives of Women, to Prey on Woman, to Assault Woman is NOT a Free Speech Right or Issue.

Do the right thing and End your Life, suggestions that the woman should End their lives, the Gang Stalking Attorneys, do this in mass. I, investigative blogger Crystal Cox and investigative blogger Alexandra Mayers have told the courts, the authorities for years, they Continue to Protect Marc Randazza and attorneys like him.

THIS IS NOT OK.  The Courts are Enabling These Attorneys to do this to woman who speak up, to woman who vote the way they don't want, to woman who stand up to them or up for themselves in any way. THIS IS NOT OK. 

You CANNOT just SHRUG off these eMails, as these attorneys come at you from every direction and Ruin your Life. Marc Randazza, First Amendment Attorney is Flat out WRONG about  Jason M. Feldman and attorneys like him. The eMail is Sexual Assault, it is extreme harassment and I consider it a death threat and many women do kill themselves over what these gang of protected abusive men do to them, and they are attorneys, officers of the court. They are believed over the women.
" Jason M. Feldman

After the vote, the female councilmembers received a bevy of negative and gender-related comments including an email signed “Warms Regards, Jason M. Feldman, Esq.” sent to all five of councilmembers Tuesday.

“As women, I understand that you spend a lot of your time trying to please others (mostly on your knees) but I can only hope that you each find ways to quickly and painfully end yourselves,” the email said. “Each of you should rot in hell for what you took from me yesterday.”

"The email – titled "Dishonorable Women of the Council" – went on to suggest the female councilmembers were "whoring" themselves out to the highest bidder and that they should "do the honorable thing and end yourselves."

The Puget Sound Business Journal contacted Feldman, who referred us to an attorney for comment. Marc J. Randazza taught is Feldman’s First Amendment attorney and former professor at the Barry University School of Law in Orlando.

“Jason has a colorful manner of communication,” he said. “I myself received emails like this from him while I was his professor, I did what an adult would do – shrugged it off. That's part of being a politician in America."

Ben Livingston – a Seattle marijuana advocate and real estate broker who specializes in pot shops – filed the most recent complaint against Feldman Tuesday, as first reported by Seattle news blogger Erica C. Barnett.

“This level of hatred and misogyny has no place in our public discourse,” Livingston said in an interview Wednesday. “I can’t allow that. The female councilmembers who receive this horrible litany of hate mail may not have the ability to respond, but other people can. People who go to that level of hatred need to be on warning – it’s not OK. People will stand up, even if the person you are attacking may not be able to.”

A spokeswoman from the Washington Bar Association said the organization does not comment on specific complaints until they are reviewed. Most of the bar's professional conduct rules concern interactions with clients, but "provides that it is misconduct for a lawyer to engage in conduct demonstrating unfitness to practice law."

The bar's suspension recommendation in the previous case included details about Feldman's alleged relationship with his client."


Just Because you are a Politician Does not GIVE attorneys such as Marc Randazza or Jason Feldman the right to push you to suicide, and assault you, scary you, threaten you, harass you.


Tip on Anything on this Post? eMail me at 

The First Amendment is NOT about Private eMails. 

It is about Public Speech right? eMailing someone and pushing them to kill themselves has seen convictions right? I mean some people do kill themselves from this pressure by gang stalking attorneys such as Marc J. Randazza who represents attorney Jason M. Feldman. A direct eMail is NOT really a Free Speech thing is it? It's more of a Death Threat, of Harassment, of Assault, isn't it?

"An email signed "Jason M. Feldman, Esq." and sent to the five women on the council repeatedly urged the council members to "end" themselves. It read, in part: "As women, I understand that you spend a lot of your time trying to please others (mostly on your knees) but I can only hope that you each find ways to quickly and painfully end yourselves." In response, local cannabis activist (and former Stranger contributor) Ben Livingston filed a complaint with the Washington State Bar Association against local lawyer Jason M. Feldman.

I reached Feldman by phone this morning. He refused to confirm that he sent the email and refused to comment except to remind me that the First Amendment exists. "I want you to make sure that you understand the level of scrutiny that is afforded political speech under the First Amendment," he said, refusing to comment further."

"Marc J. Randazza, a lawyer who once taught Feldman, doubled down in defending Feldman's unhinged behavior to the Business Journal. “Jason has a colorful manner of communication,” Randazza told Business Journal. “I myself received emails like this from him while I was his professor, I did what an adult would do—shrugged it off. That's part of being a politician in America."

Livingston, who filed the complaint, said he was offended by the misogyny and references to suicide in Feldman's email. "That level of misogyny and hatred has no place in our public discourse," Livingston said. "I was surprised he was a state-licensed attorney. He has a legal obligation to uphold certain ethical standards and he should know better."

Livingston added that it's important to "stand up" for council members who may not have the time to respond to hateful emails. In that same spirit, the National Women's Political Caucus is circulating a petition of solidarity with the council members. You can sign that here.

City council member Kshama Sawant's office declined to comment on all this, and Lorena González told me she's not commenting until she and her colleagues consider a "formal response." Council Members Sally Bagshaw and Debora Juarez did not reply to requests for comment.

In an interview, Council Member Lisa Herbold sounded deliberately cheerful. Herbold, a longtime city hall staffer who's new to the council, said she's never dealt with this kind of backlash "from a gender perspective" before. Of about 300 emails she received since Monday, Herbold says eight of them were "out of line," ranging from calling council members "ladies" to Feldman's. But she said she's also avoiding Twitter and most of Facebook.

"I'm not excusing the behavior," Herbold said. "I'm not saying it should be expected. But... I don't think the response we've heard is reflective of men, of sports fans, of NBA fans. In any group of people you're going to find a couple of people who cross the line."

Chris Hansen, the entrepreneur who wants to build the arena, called the misogynistic response "unacceptable." Council Member Rob Johnson and Mayor Ed Murray, who both supported the street vacation, have expressed "disappointment" at the public reaction.

At an unrelated press conference this morning, Murray—awkwardly, speaking on behalf of the women of the council as one of them, Herbold, stood right behind him—said "this must stop" and "Seattle is better than this."

But online, nowhere is really "better" than anywhere else. As Seattlish has pointed out, local reporters who presented Monday's results as men vs. women helped stoke this reaction. And, even without that unhelpful framing, the internet is notoriously hostile to women, no matter your zip code. Data from Pew Research shows that while internet users of all genders experience harassment, women are more likely to be stalked or sexually harassed. That can often be most severe for women who work in public, like politicians or journalists."

More Research on the Above Case

The Jason Feldman eMails are NOTHING to do with the First Amendment nor are they "political" speech. They are pure hate, assault, threats, bullying, intimidation. 

Decision on Jason M. Feldman Washington State Bar Complaint

Emailing Someone Direct Hate, malicious derogatory messages, encouraging they kill themselves,and sexually assaulting them with words, DIRECTLY, is NOT a Free Speech Right, it is a Direct Threat. Direct Harassment and is NOT a First Amendment Issue. And they are Public Officials. The eMail was not opinion regarding their vote in this matter, it was pure hate, assault. Marc Randazza constantly defends EVIL Lawyers such as Jason M. Feldman of Washington State.

Oh and Don't Forget the Hypocritical Irony of Marc J. Randazza, Free Speech attorney, the disturbing, and I say criminal speech of guys like Jason Feldman, Marc Randazza PROTECTS, stands up for. Yet I, Crystal Cox speak Critical of Him and he and wife Jennifer Randazza sues me.

Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers speaks critical of him he and his wife Jennifer Brochey Randazza sue her. Own a blog name Marc Randazza don't like and his entire family sues ya, like they did iViewit inventor Eliot Bernstein and me, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza DOES NOT SHRUG it OFF. He sues, and uses that lawsuit for endless amounts of years to take down online content in mass that speaks critical of him, he uses the legal case to defame, harass, attack and destroy those who stand up to him. He uses the case to subpoena your banks, phone company, friends, family, clients, colleagues and dig into your life as far as he can and DESTROY as much as he can.

Marc Randazza certainly does not act like the 
proverbial Adult he speaks of and "shrug it off".
Blogger Crystal Cox DEDICATED to Exposing Marc Randazza

For More on the Worlds MOST HYPOCRITICAL First Amendment, Free Speech Attorney Marc J. Randazza and wife Jennifer Brochey Randazza.

And to Follow Marc Randazza's Bankruptcy

" New York State and the Catholic Church are working together to cover-up and conceal another institutional sex scandal of epic proportion similar to what the Boston Globe,"

The Catholic Church works with the corrupt in pretty much every state. The criminals, thieves, pedophiles, dirty judges and attorneys, most all of them are protected by something connected to the Catholic Church and to Pedophilia and other ritualistic sex abuse

"Follow the money and connect the dots, the two most powerful leaders in New York State, Gov. Cuomo and Cardinal Dolan are protecting sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists that violate vulnerable people with disabilities. Billions of dollars are at stake along with massive public shame and many people losing their jobs, the church and State’s conclusion-cover it up.

The Jonathan Carey Foundation and its founder, Michael Carey, are not going to allow this evil and these criminal cover-ups to continue. The top people involved in this sex cover-up scandal and Medicaid Ponzi scheme are Governor Andrew Cuomo and Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Both of these leaders must be exposed for their involvement and they both must swiftly resign. Governor Cuomo and Cardinal Dolan have and continue to ignore the safety, health and rights of thousands of sexual assault and rape victims and instead are protecting countless sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists from prosecution.
You would have thought the Catholic Church would have learned its lesson after paying out billions to sexual assault and rape victims by pedophile priests that were shuffled from parish to parish Over 3 billion in payouts to the victims of pedophile priests by 2014, which must be significantly higher now.
New York State’s Cardinal Dolan and the Catholic Church had to come up 100 million to pay pedophile priest sex victims early this year Cardinal Dolan, according to the New York Times, was already involved in protecting vast amounts of Catholic Church funds, many tens of millions, from going to pedophile priest sex victims. You are going to want to read these two powerful news pieces;
New York State’s mental health care system is no different than the Catholic Church sex scandal, the sexual assault, rapes and sodomizing of vulnerable children and adults with disabilities is astronomical in scope. The purposeful protection of most of these sexual predators, pedophiles and rapist caregivers is the exact same as what the Catholic Church was exposed doing. 
Governor Cuomo and other top State leaders have made sure 911 is bypassed so local police cannot respond to these horrific and heinous sex crimes and Cardinal Dolan has refused to intervene. Billions of federal tax dollars that are supposed to provide safe care and services are not being used to protect the disabled, but to enrich politically connected individuals and entities, including the Catholic Church.
For over ten years Attorney General Cuomo and then Governor Andrew Cuomo have protected countless sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists within State run and private mental health facilities and group homes from firing and prosecution. This timeline proves years of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s direct involvement.
Governor Andrew Cuomo and Cardinal Timothy Dolan have worked hard together to protect institutional sex abuse and cover-ups of most of these crimes. 
In attempts to protect their institutions and vast amounts of money, they have negated their responsibilities to the most vulnerable people they are supposed to serve and protect. 
Both Governor Cuomo and Cardinal Dolan must be removed from their positions of authority as swiftly as possible. Covering-up or aiding and abetting in the cover-ups of literally thousands of sexual assaults and rapes of people with disabilities are far worse crimes. 
Governor Cuomo and Cardinal Dolan have allowed countless sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists to continue to remain in the mental health care system to be able to severely harm and rape thousands of vulnerable children and adults with disabilities. This evil must be stopped and the two top people protecting this scandalous sex cover-up scheme must be held fully accountable for their involvement.
Governor Cuomo needed Cardinal Dolan on his side from the very beginning so the governor set an entire week aside to honor Cardinal Dolan, to get his favor. Again, it is critical to understand that Cardinal Dolan was already involved in trying to protect and shield massive amount of money from being paid out to sexual assault victims that were preyed on by Catholic priests. 
Instead of moving to help ensure basic safety and abuse prevention and protection measures were finally put in place, including immediate 911 reporting for 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities, Cardinal Dolan chose to be complicit and silent allowing the rapes and sexual assaults to continue unchecked.
The Jonathan Carey Foundation’s extensive investigative work has uncovered wide-scale systemic sexual abuse of the disabled in State and private residential care facilities and group homes and the wide-scale cover-ups. Almost all reported sexual assaults and rapes of people with disabilities are directly reported internally to Governor Cuomo’s abuse hotline, not to 911, and they are covered-up. 
Both Governor Cuomo and Cardinal Timothy Dolan have full knowledge of these criminal activities and have tried to protect the institutions they lead, for years now, from public shame and massive payouts to these vulnerable sexual assault victims.
“New York State documents obtained through Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) by Michael Carey, dating back to 2005, reveal that the New York State OPWDD system has a culture of sexual abuse, rape and cover-ups. 
Thousands of reported sex crimes committed against the disabled are never reported to local police or District Attorney’s and are disappearing within the system that former Attorney General Cuomo and now Governor Cuomo has protected with a vengeance . 
State data, as well as this well known study found on the State of Massachusetts website titled, Prevalence of Violence, point to possibly one third of developmentally disabled residents within Governor Cuomo’s OPWDD system being sexually assaulted annually. 
In the OPWDD system of 126,000 developmentally disabled children and adults, many of whom cannot speak to tell anyone anything, there are upwards of 43,000 victims of sexual assaults or rape every year. Try to wrap your mind around the staggering scope of what I am bringing to your attention.” - Michael Carey
Most sex crimes, as well as many other crimes and deaths, are easily covered-up internally because they are being directed to be called to Governor Cuomo’s internal abuse hotline, instead of to 911 where they must go. No longer can 911 call systems, local police and local courts be bypassed. 
911 call systems must be immediately called by all mandated reporters regarding all sexual assaults and rapes, as well as obviously all other assault crimes, medical emergencies and deaths. 
Currently, under Governor Cuomo’s directive, almost all sex assault and rapes of people with disabilities which are obviously crimes disappear internally, they are covered-up
This evil and these gross injustices must be stopped and the people involved in the greater crimes and criminal conspiracy to protecting sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists must be held fully accountable."
Source and Full Story

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

ATLANTIC-PACIFIC PROCESSING SYSTEMS, INC., a California corporation, Plaintiff, v. DERMAKTIVE, LLC, a Florida limited liability company;

JORDAN DUFNER, a Connecticut resident; ADAM WELLINGTON, a Connecticut resident; JOE HELEWA, a New York resident; UPSURGE, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company; UPSURGE MEDIA GROUP, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company;

WIDO, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company; DENIS BETSI, an Ontario, Canada resident; T1 PAYMENTS, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company; and DONALD KASDON, a Nevada resident, Defendants. DERMAKTIVE, LLC, a Florida limited liability company; and JORDAN DUFNER, a Connecticut resident, Counter-Plaintiffs, v. ATLANTIC-PACIFIC PROCESSING SYSTEMS, INC., a California corporation, Counter-Defendants.

United States District Court, D. Nevada.

November 14, 2017.

Applicable Law: 28 U.S.C. § 1332
Cause: 28 U.S.C. § 1332 Diversity - Breach of Contract
Nature of Suit: 190 Contract: Other

Jordan Dufner, Counter Claimant, represented by Ari Rothman , Venable LLP, pro hac vice,Daniel Warner , Kelly Warner PLLC, pro hac vice, Marc J. Randazza , Randazza Legal Group, Ronald D. Green, Jr. , Randazza Legal Group, PLLC & Shahin O. Rothermel , Venable LLP, pro hac vice.

Dermaktive, LLC, Counter Claimant, represented by Ari Rothman , Venable LLP, pro hac vice,Daniel Warner , Kelly Warner PLLC, pro hac vice, Marc J. Randazza , Randazza Legal Group, Ronald D. Green, Jr. , Randazza Legal Group, PLLC & Shahin O. Rothermel , Venable LLP, pro hac vice.

T1 Payments, LLC, ThirdParty Defendant, represented by Kory Logan Kaplan , Larson Zirzow Kaplan, LLC & Michael V. Cristalli , Gentile, Cristalli, Miller, Armeni & Savarese.

Source and Full Document

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"Women are revolting and supporting each other to expose this collusion. They are demanding systemic change. But those men in power will never give up power unless they are forced to do so."

“All men benefit from this gender hierarchy and these systems of oppression,” Alice Lee, the co-founder of Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution, based in Vancouver, told me.

Individual men collude in this oppression together, knowingly or unknowingly.

The public discussion has yet to acknowledge this. ‘Nice’ men, or ‘progressive’ men, are trying to ignore their own complicity. This makes it harder to institute real systemic change. "

"The powerful men engaging in sexual predation live in a rarified universe where they own everyone around themselvesThey demand unquestioned obedience. They must be the center of attention. Their opinions alone count. Their feelings alone are important. "

"College fraternities are breeding grounds for sexual harassment and the objectification of women. The fraternities often ship their men-children straight into corporate offices and other institutions that wield power."

" It celebrates the classic traits of psychopaths: superficial charm, grandiosity and self-importance; a need for constant stimulation; a penchant for lying, deception and manipulation; and an inability to feel remorse or guilt.

The higher one rises in the corporate hierarchy, the more power and money one amasses, the more these traits are pronounced and rewarded"

“This women’s action is pointing out the behavior of powerful men throughout the industrial West. Women are deciding to tell bosses, liberal institutions and managers this behavior has to stop. They are going public immediately. No one trusts the .. institutions, the owners or the managers to handle this.”

"“Part of this tactic is to say that whether you like it or not we are going to oppose thiswhether we win or not we will oppose this, whether we get the proper results or not we will oppose this,” Lakeman said.

 “This is spectacular. This is what it takes to make a difference. Collectively we seem to have agreed on whom to go after—the men who are holding economic, social and cultural power.

It is astounding how these guys are being selected. Sexual harassment is only one face of this. We hate these men for their profiteering, their representation of what it means to be a man, their abuses of power. And even the ‘good guys’ who slide into this behavior have to be shown up. It has to stop."

"The women’s revolt understands that our institutions, including those on the left, will not defend us. We must defend ourselves.

“We are looking at the end of the Roman Empire,” Lakeman said.

“We are looking at people grasping in all manner of disgusting ways for power. Women are looking for a way out. They are looking for a way to address some of this. We have been denied all the promised ways.

This is the result of 50 years of feminist work against violence. 

Those who hold positions of corporate and political power are very nervous. They can’t control this. There is a genuine uprising, and no one can find the leader to shut it down.”

Source of Above Quotes

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox
I for one am loving the Roy Moore political race in Alabama.

For decades I have seen and known of pedophiia and molestation in my own family and well most families to some degree. Yet the “adults” don’t want to believe, don’t want to look it, and even if they do believe it or look at it they can’t seem to digest it so they turn a blind eye and even invite the abuser to holiday dinners and put them in social events with their victims and new victims. They don’t make a stand against the abuser and choose “Status Quo” no matter the pain to the victim or the enabling of the Cycle to Continue.

Their Blind Eye Enabling literally creates more victims in mass.

This Roy Moore race is showing in clear light that yes these people exist who know that someone is preying sexually on children and using the bible as some excuse as to it being ok.
As it is hard for those who don’t have this experience in their realm of reality to understand that there are “Adults” in MASS who know about sexual abuse and molestation in their family and community and they do nothing in order to protect their own way of life and peace of mind. Something I have NEVER done nor could ever do and thus became a target, as I have always stood for the victims of sexual assault, sexual and physical abuse, pedophilia and molestation.

Yes life is easier and there are more worldly “opportunities” available to us if we just shut up, walk away, keep silent. However, for me, that is the DARK using people as a way to stomp out the light and life force of the innocent, and for me personally I could not live with myself if I did nothing. Those who spoke out, their lives were changed, ruined some may say. And most often they were thought crazy and the abuser was protected and the victim left in the home of those abusing them. Most often the fight did not end in a better life for the victim.

Those Days are Gone.

The Light is Here. CALL THEM OUT.

STOP inviting them to DINNER to prey on victims.

STOP not believing.

The Roy Moore race is showing those who could not understand that people exist who YES know about sexual abuse but would rather control your right to choose, as in abortion and loving who you want,  than to stand up against those who prey on children.

I am so delighted that the Roy Moore race is shedding a huge light on the abusers, and more important on those who enable them. As there are “bad guys” yes and “bad gals” who do very bad things to children. Children have no voice and are often not believed.

It is the “Good Guys and Gals” that have to speak up for them, stand up for them and NOT enable those who abuse children, prey on children, and make it some sort of “God” given right they have. The molesters only have a way to molest if the parents, aunts, uncles, friends, family, neighbors who KNOW do NOTHING, say NOTHING and give the abuser a clear path with no consequence.

Now people have to choose, do they really support pedophila and molestation?

The Roy Moore race puts the enablers in the SPOTLIGHT and I am so glad. The victims who have spent a lifetime in the DARK are now getting light. And the faces of the enablers and there reasons or justification is on full display in big media in mass.

Now we can see it all, examine it and decide what world we want to live in. The whole purpose of the TRUMP presidency is LIGHT. It is about shining a light on all that we don’t want, and bringing the molesters, the corrupt, the pedophiles and rapists, the controllers, the warmongers ALL to the Light. Transparency and Accountability.

The enablers are being forced to look within and face their own abuse and stand up to abusers for the last time, as we rid our world of the evils of sexual assault across the board and the darkest evil of all preying sexually on children and being enabled and protected by men and women around them, as well as clergy, and even blood family.

It is way past Enough is ENOUGH.

These folks that are supporting Roy Moore, they are showing their deepest secret of their own abuse or tolerance of abuse in their family and their community. If they judge Roy Moore then they will have to look within and heal their own soul, their bloodline and to STOP inviting the perverted abuser to family dinners.

Decades of rape and sexual assault on college campuses, and the sports jocks or men in general protected as if that’s just what men do. The rights of women have taken not only a back stage but a dark dungeon. Enabling Sexual Predators has been a way of life, those days are over. The Feminine Divine is rising.

The Darkness in our political system, our money system, our energy and oil system, our medicine and food; ALL of it is being brought to the LIGHT in clear view to understand, to witness, to see how “it’s always been” and why. And from there make CHANGES. And make Choices as to how we want it to be moving forward.

The Roy Moore Campaign is of the Light and indeed from God, but not against Gays and Abortion and in support of Pedophiles, sexual assaulters and child molesters, but instead to expose the darkest, most protected and enabled parts of our society so that we may truly CHOOSE the world we want, by first seeing clearly the world we are in. We must first ADMIT this is really happened and happening and then yes mourn, heal and face it.

No longer is hiding under the proverbial rug of Status Quo acceptable.

Stop Enabling Predators and if you Can’t or don’t believe they even exist in your inner circle then YOU will simply go down with the ship of darkness as it is immersed in loving light and sinking into non-existence in our high vibration, loving, safe, equal, empowering, free choice, world where we actually do get to say what happens to our body, from the second we are born we have rights. Rights to NOT be your play toy, to not be verbally or sexually harassed or abused by the adults around us. Leave Us Be. Don’t stand to take our rights to our own bodies from us. Speak up for Victims. I KNOW that you ALL know at Least ONE.

Sexual Predators, Sexual Assaulters, Entitled Men to a woman’ body and time, pedophiles and molesters are a lost cause, addicted to controlling abuse. They will either change or not, they really have to want to change to actually change.

However, the ENABLERS are not a lost cause and must STAND up with the VICTIMS to STOP giving Abusers places to freely ABUSE while at the same time torturing, tormenting and oppressing their victims.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox

#RoyMoore #WomenRevolt #NewSexualRevolution #STOPtouchingMe  #NotYourProperty #MyBody #StopPedophilia #StopMolestation #StopEnablingPredators #RemoveReplaceRepair
#RoYMooreCampaign #CollectiveResistance

Sunday, December 3, 2017

I Wonder if Judge Diana Lewis knew more about "incapacitation" and "court-sanctioned guardian" and the Florida Statutes of LAW that apply to Guardianship than Guardian Diana Lewis seems to NOT know?

Palm Beach Post Article: "Circuit Court Judge Diana Lewis ruled in a closed-door hearing April 11 that Eric Gilbertson suffers from “limited” cognitive incapacitation and needs a court-sanctioned guardian to ensure his “welfare and safety."

Guardian Diana Lewis, on the stand as a Guardian over adults in Palm Beach County, seems to have FORGOT the actual Florida Laws Governing "Court Sanctioned Guardians".

check out this transcript linked below

Hey Guardian Diana Lewis, what would Judge Diana Lewis say about there being no adjudication of your wards as "incapable of making decisions regarding legal contracts and lawsuits"?

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave.

"Man in settled code case declared ‘incapacitated’

"A judge has appointed Simone Witkin as a “limited guardian” to make legal and other decisions for Palm Beacher Eric Nordin Gilbertson Jr., 89, who last month settled a longstanding battle with the town by selling his Midtown home and paying $500,000 in code-violation fines from the proceeds.

The guardianship appointment came a day before Gilbertson’s 91-year-old sister, Charlotte Gilbertson, who had co-owned the 1918 house at 151 Chilean Ave., died at the VA Medical Center in Riviera Beach, where she was under hospice care. Neither she nor her brother has children, although they have two brothers who live out of state.

Circuit Court Judge Diana Lewis ruled in a closed-door hearing April 11 that Eric Gilbertson suffers from “limited” cognitive incapacitation and needs a court-sanctioned guardian to ensure his “welfare and safety.” Gilbertson, a retired U.S. Marine and sailing instructor, was adjudged incapable of making decisions regarding legal contracts and lawsuits, among other actions.

Lewis also deemed him unable to make a decision to marry, which he did March 10 — the day before his first court hearing — when he wed Elogene C. Hughes, 71. Her role and influence in his life over the past year have been a focus of the hearings.

A mental and physical evaluation of Gilbertson supported the incapacitation ruling

Lewis ordered the evaluation last month at an emergency guardianship hearing initiated by West Palm Beach attorney Bennett S. Cohn.

At that hearing, Cohn said that he first feared Gilbertson was vulnerable to exploitation after Gilbertson briefly hired him in early March to help handle a $1.575 million purchase of a house at 444 Chilean Ave. in Palm Beach, for which a contract had been signed.

In an amended petition to the court, Cohn wrote that Gilbertson had issued Hughes a power of attorney, before their marriage, to act on his behalf in purchasing what Cohn called “an unnecessary home.”

Cohn was concerned “that those exercising or attempting to exercise control over Mr. Gilbertson will deplete his assets, to the obvious detriment of him and to the possible financial advantage to themselves.”

Wife responds

None of the orders issued after the closed-door hearing specifically mentioned whether Gilbertson had been exploited by anyone. 

But in the amended petition, Cohn wrote that Gilbertson has been “under the ‘Rasputinlike’ control” of his new wife.

Elogene Hughes Gilbertson did not mention the marriage during testimony at the initial court hearing last month, nor did her husband or anyone else. She instead told the judge that she and Gilbertson had been “friends” for about a year.

She was not called to testify at the April 11 hearing and spent the duration of the proceeding outside the hearing room.

Last week, she told the Daily News that she believed attorneys and others involved in the case had colluded against her and her husband in a scam “to gain monetarily through legal fees, greed and exploitation” and that she had intended to ask the court to appoint her as his guardian. 

She has filed several objections to Lewis’ rulings.

“Eric hasn’t had his day in court, and I have not had a day in court,” she said.

In a phone interview with the Daily News last week, Cohn dismissed her objections and said the guardianship appointment has left her with no legal standing to act on her husband’s behalf.

Eric Gilbertson, who lives with his wife at her condominium in West Palm Beach, told the Daily News on Tuesday that he would prefer to have his wife serve as guardian.

“If I have to have a guardian, I want it to be my wife,” he said.

In court last month, his wife described herself as an “educator and academic” who holds a law degree but is not a practicing attorney. She also told the court that she runs an Alabama- and Florida-based foundation that helps “at-risk” children, college students and seniors, among others.

Home purchase scuttled

At this month’s hearing, Lewis authorized the cancellation of Gilbertson’s purchase of the house at 444 Chilean Ave. and ordered a related $157,000 deposit returned. The refund won’t be made until the end of a 30-day appeals period following the April 11 ruling. But the house is again being marketed for sale, said listing agent Jeff Cloninger of Sotheby’s International Realty.

Following the April 11 hearing, Cohn said that he was pleased with the judge’s decision to appoint, as guardian, Witkin, of Witkin Family Services, who has been serving in that role in a temporary capacity since the initial hearing. Witkin declined to comment about the case.

Cohn’s petition had questioned the appropriateness of the amount Gilbertson paid Fort Pierce attorney Chet Weinbaum, who in February had negotiated with the town to reduce several years’ worth of code-violation fines from $1.15 million to $500,000 — contingent on sale of the longtime Gilbertson house at 151 Chilean Ave.

Under the terms of his contract, Weinbaum earned $174,000 from the $3.1 million sale, according to court testimony. Weinbaum could not be reached last week for comment. But he told the Daily News last month that his fee was appropriate and commensurate with the work he did on the case.

John C. Randolph, the town’s attorney, said early last week that he had heard nothing to suggest that the house sale or the settlement of the code-violation fines would be called into question."

Source and Full Circuit Court Judge Diana Lewis Article

I sure hope that Judge Diana Lewis knew what Guardian Diana Lewis claims to not know.

Grinch Judge Diana Lewis said the guy cannot marry and he cannot have his wife as a Guardian. You see that would not be in the CRIMINALS best interest. 

Why not contact the out of state siblings? It is not another planet? 

Why does/did Judge Diana Lewis seem to know, and presumably uphold the laws of Florida Guardianship, yet Guardian Diana Lewis don't seem to have a CLUE?

Guardian Diana Lewis, I allege, is in VERY BIG trouble indeed. She seems to think there is no issue with taking control of the lives of healthy, strong, clear headed, NON-Incapacitated adults simply for the BLATANT and Obvious reason of making sure that attorney Alan B. Rose for Ted Bernstein Boca Raton, and attorney Brian O'Connell and his enabler Ashley Crispin get PAID. 

Seemingly with total disregard for the laws she once knew or abused. Or should have known as she saved this old guy from love, marriage, his siblings all so that the COURT, the County, the Attorneys could STEAL his ASSETS or so it seems to me.  

Anyway, I recommend that Guardian Diana Lewis look in the mirror and ask Judge Diana Lewis if it is lawful to have GUARDIANSHIP over Adults who are NOT incapacitated? Would love to witness that conflicting conversation. Hope she is sober for it, it should be a serious moment indeed.

Might be a Good Time for Guardian Diana Lewis to Confess to Judge Diana Lewis before the Ship Sinks.
"Circuit Court Judge Diana Lewis ruled in a closed-door hearing April 11 that Eric Gilbertson suffers from “limited” cognitive incapacitation and needs a court-sanctioned guardian to ensure his “welfare and safety.” Gilbertson, a retired U.S. Marine and sailing instructor, was adjudged incapable of making decisions regarding legal contracts and lawsuits, among other actions."

Hey Guardian Diana Lewis, not to be confused with Judge Diana Lewis, was your wards in the Estate of Simon Bernstein "adjudged incapable"? Did they "needs a court-sanctioned guardian to ensure their “welfare and safety.”?

"A mental and physical evaluation of Gilbertson supported the incapacitation ruling". Say Judge Diana Lewis, what do you think of Guardian Diana Lewis NOT having "A mental and physical evaluation" to support "the incapacitation ruling" of which she took Predatory Guardianship over fully capable adults in the Estate of Simon Bernstein?

As in the Article above, Judge Diana "Lewis ordered the evaluation" but Guardian Diana Lewis in the Estate of Simon Bernstein does not seem to even remember any laws that may suggest there has to be any sort of "evaluation" to simply take unconstitutional control over the lives of FULLY capable ADULTS.

Were the adults that Guardian Diana Lewis took over for "vulnerable to exploitation"? As seen in the article above?

Judge Diana Lewis would rather guardians, attorneys and courts get the guys money instead of his friend, a wife, or siblings. See its ALL to protect these poor "vulnerable to exploitation" yet VERY RICH people. More like to Rob them, ruin their lives, deprive them of love and comfort of those around them, deny their civil and constitutional rights and SEIZE unconstitutional control over their life and assets via a Predatory Guardianship.

"Vulnerable to exploitation" are the code words for attorney Alan B. Rose, Brian O'Connell, Donald Tescher, former attorney Robert Spallina and for Judge Martin Colin and Judge John Philips to gear up the Judicial greed machine to take the VICTIMS life work and make it their PAYCHECK. 

Those darn “unnecessary homes” that the wealthy own and think they can do what they want with, well heck with that. Nurses, Senior Centers, Catholic Charities, Attorneys and more "helpful people" are always on the watch for someone to TAKE Predatory GUARDIANSHIP over so they can enjoy the Riches of the "vulnerable to exploitation".

Those “unnecessary homes” MUST be SOLD so that the Predatory Guardianship Gang can get a Paycheck. Hurry call the Unethical Real Estate Broker, get a "friendly carrier" for insurance, get a PR, get our friendly nurse and doctor on board, call the attorneys, line up our friendly Judge and the cycle begins again. 

"Cohn was concerned “that those exercising or attempting to exercise control over Mr. Gilbertson will deplete his assets, to the obvious detriment of him and to the possible financial advantage to themselves.”  WOW, we would not one someone that the guy actually knew and liked to have his money or home. WE don't want to actually do the right thing and contact those out of state siblings, so we will just take guardianship of the guy and the money will come to us instead, ya that sounds like the right thing to do.


The Wife in the Story Above "believed attorneys and others involved in the case had colluded against her and her husband in a scam “to gain monetarily through legal fees, greed and exploitation” and that she had intended to ask the court to appoint her as his guardian. "

AND I Believe She was RIGHT. 

And Judge Diana Lewis was surely in on it, I say.

This Predatory Guardianship Scam, involving her and her predatory buddies such as Brian O'Connell, has been going on for decades and the victims have suffered in the dark with no voice. NO MORE DIANA LEWIS. No More.  Time to go to Confession. 

This Predatory Guardianship Program has been in place a long time. It is a well oiled machine of cruel, heartless, malicious greed ran by Officers of the Court, in YOUR BEST INTEREST. Ya know to protect you and keep you safe.

Having all their bases covered per say they were above the law and victims suffered and suffer in mass. Then along comes the Internet, and the VICTIMS united and well Transparency and Accountability is coming soon to a Court NEAR YOU.

Guardian Diana Lewis, Have you ever met the Capable Adults you took ILLEGAL Predatory Guardianship over? Do you even care about the Law? Justice? Civil Rights?

I Say You are an Evil ICE QUEEN dancing on the bow of the ship with the Devils Alan B. Rose and Brian O'Connell and the TRUTH will soon set your dark heart free.
Any Information, Documents or Tips on the Case in this Post or any other Guardian Case that Judge Diana Lewis oversaw, please eMail me at

Also Check Out "Niece suing for late aunt’s share of house sale"; Carla Gilbertson

I, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox will be reporting a whole lot of Judge Diana Lewis' cases and her past protection of Brian O'Connell and her long time family connection, oh and those Catholic Charities too. No STONE will go Unturned on my Watch. Stay Tuned.

Now may be a Good Time for Y'all to start rolling over and begging for a plea deal. Ya know start ratting each other out before you all go down.

Last I Saw Diana Lewis she could barely stumble out of the restroom at the court house. Surely she is "capable" of making clear headed decisions for able bodied young intelligent adults. Decisions that are right, and informed and would actually be in the best interest of her victims.

I Say Guardian Diana Lewis has broke the law willfully and maliciously and with FULL expert knowledge of the law, and this WILL NOT GO AWAY QUIETLY IN THE DARK. No Way.

Now Would SO be a Good Time to rat out that attorney that called you, (Alan Rose or Brian O'Connell) And maybe confess your sins. Just Sayin'

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